Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Update 2018

1. No alcohol: Did not drink all year - anxiety levels are down, sleep is up, weight unchanged, but most importantly I like myself again!

2. Running: This didn't really happen this year, was quite good at getting my 10'000 steps in, but running didn't take off. Did lots of physio, had lots of massages, setting myself up for success in 2019 :-) my iron levels were rubbish all year, which probably didn't help....

3. Blog daily: Didn't blog daily, but I did catch up with quite a lot of writing. Renewed focus on this in 2019...

4. Read 100 book: I'm calling this green - I read 76 and had a really good reading year, plus bought myself a comfy reading chair. I know that reading keeps me sane - need to do more of this in 2019!
Tags: resolutions

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