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List of books read in 2018 (76)

Books read in 2018: 76

The Knitting Circle: Ann Hood
Mount: Jilly Cooper
The Four - The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google: Scott Galloway
Talk Like TED: Carmine Gallo
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Oscar Wilde
Radical Candour: Kim Malone Scott
Battlestar Surburbia: Chris McCudden
Rest: Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Evening class: Maeve Binchy
Why we Sleep: Matthew Walker
Jonathan Livingston Seagull: Richard Bach
The Forgotten Guide to Happiness: Sophie Jenkins
The Art of the Good Life: Rolf Dobelli
Lose it Right: James Fell
Beyond Toddlerdom: Dr Christopher Green
The Return Journey: Maeve Binchy
Run Fat Bitch Run: Ruth Field
168 Hours: Laura Vanderkam
Satzfetzen: Isobel Morf
Sexy Little Numbers: Lindsay Gordon
Cut the Crap: Ruth Field
The Inimitable Jeeves: PG Wodehouse</a>
Minding Frankie: Maeve Binchy
Lords & Ladies: Terry Pratchett
The Code of the Woosters: PG Wodehouse
Searching for Schindler: Thomas Keneally
The Winter of our Disconect: Susan Maushart
Thank You Jeeves: PG Wodehouse
Quentins: Maeve Binchy
The Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian Literature: Viv Groskop:
Prudence: Jilly Cooper
You talkin' to me?: Sam Leith
Tara Road: Maeve Binchy
The Glass Lake: Maeve Binchy
Option B: Sheryl Sandberg
Victorians Undone: Kathryn Hughes
The Checklist: Atul Gawande
Oh my God What a Complete Aisling: Emer Mclysaght & Sarah Breen
Past Secrets: Cathy Kelly
Slow Train to Switzerland: Diccon Bewes
The Other Side of the Wall : Andrea Mara
In the Unlikely Event : Judy Blume
Confessions of a Conjuror : Derren Brown
Circle of Friends : Maeve Binchy
Still Me : Jojo Moyes
After You : Jojo Moyes
Happy: Derren Brown
Balancing Act: Joanna Trollope
This Charming Man: Marian Keyes
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
The Diet Myth: Tim Spector
Light a penny candle: Maeve Binchy
The holiday home: Fern Britton
The Cotswolds Cookery Club: Alice Ross
Act Like a Leader: Herminia Ibarra
In Praise of Slow: Carl Honore
Anybody out there: Marian Keyes
A higher loyalty: James Comey
Those other Women: Nicola Moriarty
History of the World: Andrew Marr
Swiss Watching: Diccon Bewes
Schrottreif: Isabel Morf
Me Before You: Jojo Moyes
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: J.K.Rowling read with Markus
Keeping the Wolf from the Door: Bella Robertson
Focus in the Age of Distraction: Jane Piper
Lisa Jewell: The Girl
The Self Care Revolution: Suzy Reading
Tired of Thinking about Drinking: Bella Robertson
Jonathan Safran Foer: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Tracy Chevalier: Remarkable Creatures
Catherine Gray: The Unexpected Joy of being sober
David M. Barnett: Major Tom
Marian Keyes: The Break
Lotta Dann: Mrs D is going within
Clare Pooley: The Sober Diaries