Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Silvesterlauf 2018

Today was another advent first! M. ran in the U10 category of the Silvesterlauf, meaning, all on his own! I think he was secretly quite pleased not to be held up by Alan or I. He finished the 1.4 km in a very speedy time of tbc and was very pleased with himself.

P and I ran an hour later in the parent and child category. Same distance, slightly slower than M at ?, but very fast for my old legs! Patrick complained and talked the whole way round - "mummy, there's a gap there, run faster, overtake", "Mummy this is boring, there's so much space", "Mummy, why aren't we at the front?", "Mummy, why aren't we running any faster?". My answer to all these questions was out of puff panting "I'm running as fast as I can. This is supposed to be fun!"

Anyway, he got his medal and was happy. I could stop running and was also happy :-)

2017 was Markus with Alan, Patrick with me
2016 was all 4 of us together
2015 should have been all 4 of us together, but was just Markus and I
2014 was Markus and I together for the first time!
Tags: advent, family, running, zürich

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