Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Advent Challenge!

So, i'm doing my own Advent challenge! Getting Active and Get Writing! The last time i did this was in 2014 and it was pretty successful in helping me get my sh1t together before Christmas! I miss actively blogging, but my backlog of blogs, is stopping me blogging actual stuff.

Here's me having done my first run tonight, the first one in months and months!
"Get Calm and Run" indeed - when I'm under pressure, when everything else is outside my control, I have to remind myself that I can control whether I move myself and go out for a walk / run!

So here's my challenge to myself
- 150 Intensity minutes a week
- Reach my goal of 10'000 steps a day
- Run three times a week
- Blog once a day
- and here's the updated list, taken from my last challenge, which didn't quite get going in November!

- Conversation we had on our way to school today
- Monthly update M
- Monthly update P
- Why we should learn German
- The joy of not finishing books
- blogs versus ebooks
- Friendships are forever
- The tiger who came to tea
- November Sal's visit
- November UK travels
- November ELN conference and speech
- November Brussels
- Portugal Herbstferien
- Uetliberg with Patrick
- Walking with Dinosaurs
- Work week, workshops & wroclaw
- Wroclaw in May & August
- Sharon's visit, June
- End of Kindergarten
- End of school year
- Lugano holiday
- Horgen walk with Kerry et al
- Uetliberg walk with Kerry et al

- lj review - first sentence of each year for 2017
- Caro's visit last October
- London visit October Herbstferien
- Summer holidays
Tags: *to do, advent, health, running, writing

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