Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Hallowe'en and the Witch of Wiedikon!

For the first time ever, we actually did something for hallowe'en yesterday! It was a somewhat last minute affair of inviting kids and buying in decorations, food etc,  but it came together at the last minute! The numbers of kids change dramatically upwards on the day and when I picked up the boys from school, excitement was at fever pitch. Never seen them walk home so fast / run! "'We're late, we're late!*

I bought some costumes for Alan and i - so of course went ot pick them up wearing my new hat and my black wool winter cape. Witch of Wiedikon. Got some smiles as we walked home together. All the boys came dressed up. There were costumes, lights, decorations, tons of hallowe'en confetting, zombie games, apple bobbing, eating pizza and junk food, and watching Hallowe'en Simpsons. Result!

The boys then had a sugar crash, temper tanturms and mr.ncot and I tried to clear up the flat! But a good evening and proof that we can throw a party together at the last minute and it still works! Plus I worked from home during the afternoon and actually balanced work and life, so that the balance worked in the family's favour for once!

Tags: autumn, family, memories

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