Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Easter 2018

Easter Sunday this year fell on April Fool's Day, so thanks to an idea from a colleague at work, the boys and I disguised grapes to look like chocolate eggs - Alan did his bit and played along. The boys were delighted with themselves!

The Easter bunny was busy atw Kindergarten, school and at home. Nests all ready for filling...

Even though the Swete family left us and our Easter Tradition, they came back this year and visited us here! I did roast chicken and we had a lovely Easter Sunday feast, we hid eggs in the courtyard (to the bemusement of all the jewish familes) and back inside, the kids diviied up their spoils :-)

Then introduced the kids to the film "Back to the Future!!"

Our easter tradition with the Swetes, how our kids have grown...




Tags: family, friends, spring, zürich

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