Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus' Birthday - 9 today!

Markus - you were 9 yesterday and we celebrated on holiday! And today we celebrated with the rest of your presents at home.
You are growing up so fast, into a smashing boy. You care for your friends and your brother, are concerned that things are fair, have great ideas on what to do ,what games to play, which books to read! You make us laugh, and talk about everything, in particular stars wars stories :-)

The happy birthday hamster came on holiday too! You got a few presents on your birthday, then we spent the day at a fantastic swimming park, then went up a mountain. You said it was the best birthday ever! We had tobaggons and mountains and rainbows, then a posh meal in the hotel restaurant with suprise candle on your suprise pudding!

Back home today you got the rest of your presents and a cake (from Sprüngli!)
lots of lego, a scooter, water bombos!
Tags: birthday, memories, mgm, mgmphotos

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