Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick is 7!

Darling Patrick, how did you get to 7? we love your cheeky ways - you are always so full of energy. Loving, fighting, playing with Markus. Lego, Star wars, football!

This year was definitely a football theme - from the cupcakes for your kindergarten class, to your birthday cake at home We had a small family party - we'll celebrate with your old and new school friends after the summer holiday! FAvourite presents? Scooter, pink pig that moves, more dinosaurs and dragons for your collection!

Football cupcakes for Kindergarten class! Decoration and instructions in the flat!

Football birthday cake!

Here's to your 8th year...Patrick in pictures, 0 - 6

Tags: birthday, memories, pmm, pmmphotos

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