Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Back to School 2018!

So, compared to 2 years ago (Markus starting school, Patrick starting Kindergarten), this school start was smooth in comparison. I still admit to feeling a bit apprehensive on Patrick's behalf - but he's been at the local Kindergarten and Hort since Jan, so he has friends and knows the environment. Having said that, he's going through a struggle-y, frustrated phase at the moment, so anything can happen. I took him in, and he was silent and grumpy and shy for the first half hour, then found his mojo just as I was leaving). Picked him up for swimming and he had nothing to say about school, then at home this evening, he did his first home work and explained everything to Alan. Typical!

Anyway, here's the photo selectoin...

Mr "too cool for school" as he left early this morning wtih Alan - ready to start 3rd class.
And for some reason he brought this sunflower home with him from school today. Still haven't got to the bottom of WHY?
me.: That's lovely, did you grow it darling?
him: no
me: Hä?
him: look, here's a huge whole in the leaf where the caterpillar ate it

Family of bags at the front door!

And Patrick checking timetable with Alan, then leaving home, then getting to school ready for Klasse 1 with hideously expensive nice school bag.
But hey, it has dinosaur stickers which can be moved at will!

School playground, up 3 flights of stairs

Hang up your "Turnsack", change your shoes, then sit at your desk looking bored!

First homework!

And my friend posted this on her facebook page, which just made me laugh!

Tags: family, memories, zürich

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