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Resolutions Update - July

I can't lie - it's been a horrible couple of months. Lots of work upheavals and stress, too much work, not enough support - and my perfectionist stress monster took over. I went to Dr who referred me for some extra help. i had a few weeks of working reduced hours and managed to catch up on some sleep and rest. I still haven't fundamentally figured out how to work differently and this worries me. I was doing okay until April, and then it gradually fell apart. I've been doing a lot of reading over the holiday and I need to go back to work with a different mindset and some different protective barriers and some more support mechanisms in place. It also doesn't help that I am very overweight now, feel old and achey and am comfort eating. Something else to tackle when I get a bit more energy back. I've had 2 iron infusions iin last 6 months, but haven't seen a massive difference yet. but at least I went and got help from the Dr.

1. No alcohol -
have been alcohol free for over 7 months now - not missing it at all - am feeling a bit cheated that life is still rather tough in general (despite not drinking) and that I haven't seen a shift in body weight or shape. But, if I had continued drinking, I would certainly be doing worse and feeling worse that I am now.
2. Running has taken a back seat - as I get more stressed, the first thing to go is any exercise, which is quite frankly nuts. I need to figure out how to make this a non-negotiable part of my life! I am on a 3 day streak with the 7min workout (which I am feeling rather hard) - aim is to do 30 days straight, then increase my exercies. I also need to get back into my yoga at home and I am also debating hot yoga round the corner!
3. Blog daily  - Am using my holiday time to catch up with the backlog - really want to blog daily for the rest of the year - i know it makes me feel better
4. Read 100 books -  60 read so far, on target! Have had some really good reads recently, plus some comforting re-reads. The abundance of my books makes me feel better - and i have just ordered a new kindle! ..

Still enjoying my daily CALM meditation - is still going strong - according to the app - 188 sessions,  1,960 minutes in total

The other app i'm using is called Daylio - it's a mood tracker and micro diary and am using it to track what I do each day ie AF, exercise, learning, work at home - and to see how my mood coincides with this.