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My Task Addled Brain

I am obsessed with finding the perfect way to organize myself and get more sh+t done. For a long time I had all my to-dos in Outlook. Then i put them into Evernote. Then I spent several years with idonethis.com and then in 2017-2018 with Swipesapp.

And now I've decided to go all out with Google. I've moved my contacts and calendar and todos to Google. I'm resigned to managing 2 agendas - work and home. And i've just bought a smart notebook and pen from Moleskine, which allows me to write in the paper diary/smart planner and it syncs with Google Calendar. If I write neatly, it has a pretty good success rate.

So there you have it.  I am an organizational nerd. And i'm now reading "168 Hours: You have more time than you think" by Laura Vanderkam. Am hopefull of picking up some ideas on how to think differently about the time I have, the choices I makes, the priorities I set. I'll report back!

Stuff I got done 2017-2018 with SwipesApp

Stuff I got done 2014-2017 with idonethis.com