Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A even bigger blogging list to catch up with!

This was the previous list! I've now consolidated it all into an even bigger list. One blog a day, that's not difficult, right? :-)

- Uetliberg with Patrick
- Walking with Dinosaurs
- Work week, workshops & wroclaw
- First 2 weeks of school done!
- Markus's Birthday Party
- Busy Saturday!
- Patrick's Birthday Party
- First Day at School
- Boxes of memories
- Family Summer Holiday
- What else we did on our holiday
- Markus's Birthday
- My task addled brain
- Resolution update - July 2018
- Wroclaw in May & August
- Sharon's visit, June
- End of Kindergarten
- End of school year
- Patrick's Birthday
- Lugano holiday
- Horgen walk with Kerry et al
- Uetliberg walk with Kerry et al
- Easter
- Markus monthly update
- Patrick monthly update
- My funny boys (2xfunny faces, plus 3 joint photos)
- Twitter updates March - July 2018

- lj review - first sentence of each year for 2017
- Caro's visit last October
- London visit October Herbstferien

- Summer holidays
- Markus' Birthday
- Markus's Birthday Party
- Easter 2017
Tags: lj, writing

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