Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Update - April 2018

And somehow, a third of the year has whooshed by....

1. No alcohol -
have been alcohol free for 4 months now - have now started to focus on weight loss, but no shift yet. Feeling more able to cope with the stuff that comes my way, but am feeling generally a bit flat. 
2. Run every day - had a session with Helen, a lovely running coach from Basel, and am now on week 3 of C25K and have entered the 5k Frauenlauf in Berne on 10th June
3. Blog daily  - haven't quite got into a daily routine, stlll have a long list of blogs to catch up on :-)
4. Read 100 books -  20 read so far, bit behind my 100 goal for the year, but still time to catch up...

and, added bonus - CALM meditation is still going strong - according to the app - 117 sessions, 20 hours 15 mins in total
Tags: happy, resolutions
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