Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Being, Doing, Slowing Down...

I had lunch with a work friend today. She's in the midst of qualifying as a coach and we started talking about being, not doing. We're both people who pride themselves on getting the job done. This got me to thinking about the various changes I am making in 2018 and how they interact.

Not drinking wine at night makes me sleep better and gives me time in the evening to get other stuff done .I've also been listening to a guided meditation before sleep, which also helps the sleep patterns. I've blogged every day for the past 10 days, and each blog I catch up on, makes me feel better. Today's was about Christmas Day. Writing blogs give me time and space to think my thoughts and get them down, I've been re-reading past posts. Hard to believe i've blogged regularly for nearly 13 years :-) I found an old blog and rewrote it here: Saving the best for now

I'm also doing an online course called Hurry Less, Achieve More, Live Better by Carl Honore. One of the exercises has been to identify when you're rushing, doing something too fast. I inwardly rolled my eyes at this when I first read it - but in the past week, I've caught myself questioning my need for speed:
1. Being on time for physio appt, but assuming I was late as usual - grabbing a cup for water too quickly, and then spilling the cups on the floor
2. Spilling coffee from my cup as i walk (too fast) back to my desk
3. Realizing that reading the Harry Potter book no 4 to eldest son took us about 4 months - but that reading out loud helped me slow down and appreciate the narrative

And I've arranged to do some running coaching, to help me get back to running again. The coach has set me a challenge of doing 6 runs / walks before I meet her at the end of March. I think tomorrow I'll run down to the lake - to my favourite "being" spot. I'm don't spent enough time just being, but I'm working on it :-)

And as a PS; Malcom Gladwell wrote this great article on why we get better quality when we work slow. And I absolutely love this quote: "Let's create a safe space for the neurotic tortoise"
I am that tortoise
Tags: happy, health, self_reflection

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