Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Christmas Day

Today was great - the boys are still full in the wonder of Christmas and excitement at stockings and Father Christmas.
Here's the run down with lots of photos!

Patrick taking stocking to our bed..........Markus overly excited at some balloon toy in his stocking!

Unpacking stockings and the joint present - a swiss scaletrix!

and here are the boys building the scaletrix, and here's family Moran-Palmer in their very comfy matching onesies :-)

The boys gave alan a present - how do you like his light up antlers? And the boys mysteriously disappeared, but 2 storm troopers arrived!

I love these 3 photos of Patrick and the delight on his face - who wouldn't be thrilled by a Playmobile aquariam that you can fill with water!

And Father Christmas even left a (stylish, swiss) gift for the whole family, in a vain attempt to help us be more on time!!

There was food, and candles and cake and christmas trees!

My presents to myself, just because......................... my lovely funky jewellry from mr.ncot                       Markus' homemade candle and holder

And my whole present haul - happy holidays and reading to me!
Tags: christmas, family, memories

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