Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Changing Chindsgi

Patrick changed Kindergarten at the start of this year. He had been at "Auf dem Stern", but we had a reached a fork in the road so to speak, and it was time to leave. He handled the transition pretty well. I was more upset. I've been dropping off and picking up there for 3.5 years, its just down the road from work and I liked the staff and the other parents. I was always part of the 1815 club - there were 3 families who skidded into the door at just before 1815 when it closed!

When Markus was there, we would cycle in together, each on our own bike. In the summer we'd walk to the bottom of the street, cross over and then be at the lakeside. Lots of ice creams and chats there. With Patrick, he rode on the back of my bike until he was too big for the seat, then used my follow me contraption, so his bike was attached to mine. We also took the tram and walked to Kindergarten a lot. I loved our walks home, with Patrick chattering away.

And now he's at the kindergarten attached to Markus' school. After 6 years, we finally have both boys at the same place again! Makes the logistics easier for sure. He's still settling in, but it will also make it easier for when he starts first class in August this year.

Goodbye, Auf dem Stern!

Hugs and saying Good - Kathiuska, Daniela, Kathy

Starting New Chindsgi - Kindergarten Wiedikon
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