Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at 6 years 1 month to 6 years 7 months (months 73-79)

It has been a rollercoaster 6 months for Patrick and us. He has shot up in height, so much so, that Markus and he are mistaken for twins. He's now lost the front 8 teeth and most of them have grown back. He loves his brother, but then provokes him. They fight like cat and dog, but then hug and make up. Patrick wants to be with Markus, but then does't, but then does again.

One on one he is a complete chatterbox and will regale you with the day's derring do's and his view of life, the universe and everthing. He can be really caring and loving and helpful. He enjoys doing guided meditation with Alan and collecting good Karma. He is teaching himself to read and write, since Kindergarten doesn't teach them this stuff yet. We try and find ways to physically wear him out!

He changed Kindergarten just after Christmas - from the private one to the local school based one. So Markus and he are together in the afternoons. We still helping him to settled down. We all need to work on helping him control his anger, which flares up under stress.

Other changes? Boys now have bunk beds and their own space in the bedroom.
Big goal for Patrick? to finally learn to ride his bike. He has never quite got it. Markus learnt at 5, and was riding on his own bike with me to Kindergarten at 5 and a half. Just today Patrick expressed the wish to finally ride on his own, so that we could "ride all together to that farm place to eat" (aka Fork and Bottle!)

Favourite expressions...
Do you still remember when?
I remember that!

Month 79

Months 76-78

Months 73-75
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