Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Order out of Chaos - the Boy's New Room

This transformation was long over due. Markus had been complaining for most of last year that he was squashed in bed - not suprising, given he was 8 and still in a toddler bed :-)

So, the week before Christmas, we did the following:
- picked up 2 bunkbeds and 2 units from IKEA
- cleared the clear of the old white goods (and paid highly to have them taken away and recycled!)
- this then triggered a massive clear of the whole cellar and clearing out all the old baby clothes, toys etc!
- Hired another man with a van to come and take away all the old furniture etc from the boys room
- Paid a nice man to come and build said bunk beds and furniture

And by the evening of Fri 22nd, the boys had a new room :-) They now fit into their beds, with plenty of room to grow and plenty of room to play.
And today I've spent almost all day finally reorgagnizing and labelling the untis, so that...
"there is a place for everything and everything in its place"  - as my Godmother would say :-)

I can hear the boys playing in there now, hope they're not making a mess, or if they are, they know where to put everything away ;-)

Final night in old beds and the old room, plus the mess in the rest of the flat as I empty their room!

Transition Time & a hard day's work!

New Room and Grand Opening

Tags: family, memories

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