Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Update - Feb 2018

Results for first 2 months of the year are in....

1. No alcohol in January & then review / set next goal -
have been alcohol free for 2 months now - have had no cravings, sleeping better, feeling way less anxious, coping better during a pretty stressful time personally and professionally -and actually feeling pretty proud of myself and pleased. Have bought some spacemasks as a treat to celebrate
2. Run every day in January & then review / set next goal - haven't been running since I went back to work, but have booked a running coach, so watch this space
3. Blog daily in January & then review / set next goal (I have about 20 posts from 2017 to catch up with!)  - am now blogging daily, and have list written the list of blogs I need to catch up on!
4. Read 100 books - I am loving the goodreads website and my kindle - 17 read so far, pretty happy wtih that and have a well stocked kindle to read

oh and bonus no 5 - have been using CALM to do a guided meditation before bed - and am now on a 13 day streak!
All in all, doing more than okay :-)

Tags: health, resolutions

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