Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Grateful for... (1-10)

Way back when (aka 2008/2009) I wrote a list of my 100 Favourite Things. It made me happy to add things to my list, and then afterwards, when I experienced one of those things, it made me happy all over again. The list then ended with the arrival of Markus!

So what am I grateful for 8 years later? To be honeset, I'm finding life a bit tough at the moment, so this is a good way for me to focus on all the good things that I do have and experience :-)

1. Finding my favourite Caran d'Arche silver pen at work in a meeting room, a week after I'd lost it!
2. Our new sofa
3. Swooping down to the ski lift and finding no queue
4. Tossing the perfect pancake
5. Getting a mega hug from Patrick
6. The joy on Markus' face when he opened the box and came face to face with Digipigi!
7. Marking off another sober day on my Leaf App
8. Getting comfy with Markus and reading him another chapter of Harry Potter
9. Finding the right costume for Bob the Unicorn
10. Seeing my boys land safely at the bottom of a toboggan run!
Tags: favourite things, happy

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