Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Let it go, let it go....

The last few weeks have seen a massive decluttering operation in the flat. I have cleared the cellar, sorted out all the baby and toddler clothes and started to let go of the last precious toys. And tomorrow we're letting go of our sofa of 17 years, for a new one.

I find it hard to let go, particularly of concrete things that remind me of a particular happy time, ie baby clothes. But I know this about me and I know what helps. Passing things onto a good home (ie the toddler clothes to a friend, the baby clothes to the charity shop, the scooters to the boys' old nursery). And I know that I have to document this process, and accept the emotions that come with it. And then move on, perhaps singing that annoying "let it go" song!

So, then and now.... Markus as a 1 yr old with his brand new cow scooter, as a small child "lassoing" the horse scooter whilst sitting on the cow scooter, the boys this Christmas posing on their old scooters, the bags of baby clothes, the old play tent with my sister hiding inside one Christmas with a book and a glass of wine, boys in the playtent...

Tags: family, memories

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