Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family Portrait, by Patrick

Last week we had parents' evening at Kindergarten. Since this is our fourth and final year, we know the drill. We know that the staff get the kids to draw their family and as a warm up exercise, the parents have to pick out the correct picture. I quizzed Patrick for clues, but he told me sternly at tea time to not cheat!

So, this was his drawing. I was pretty sure it was his, but i joked to the other parents, that the only way I could be sure, was if there was a star wars battle going on in the picture. Then I turned the picture over and laughed out loud..

I love our portrait, the long multicoloured necks, the outstretched arms, all my hair, the way Alan's head is squidged at the top. The picture is on our board in the kitchen and every day, Markus and I find something else to critique..."Patrick, why does Daddy have such little arms?" "Patrick, why does Mummy have a halo?"
Tags: family, pmm

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