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Helen Palmer

Patrick's 6th Birthday

Patrick's Birthday this year had an all-out snake theme, appropriate since Patrick's favourite "animals" are... "snakes, scorpions, geckos!" The tshirt and cake didn't quite match, but I was happy with the end result, none the less!

Markus and I made a life size snakes and ladders board for him, which was used at the party. We secretly made it in my office at work! We were happy with the outcome. Markus had also made him a smaller version which we laminated.

Patrick's party was a week early, since his birthday is at the start of the summer holiday. We had a mixture of Patrick's friends from Krippe and Kindergarten, there were games, a bit of watching minions film, water bombs and frizbee outside and also cake! We were blessed with glorious weather, so parents turned up and drank wine / ate cake in the garden. No one wanted to leave!

Breathe in and blow out those candles!

Markus "gave" Patrick the snake to match his t-shirt and this was the favourite present. He even took it to Kindergarten on his birthday!

Patrick and Markus helped decorate his cake for Kindergarten. We had "family birthday" on 18th July after school/work. Lots of presents, favourite was probably the nerf gun from Granny and Grandpa :-)

Patrick, you bring so much joy and energy into our life, you are full of curiousity, wonder and humour. Here's to your 7th year...
Patrick in pictures, 0 - 5

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