Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Ski competition & victories

The ski holiday ended with competitions for both boys. Patrick was very unfazed, did his run down the nursery slope in style and came 2nd, in between his two new friends of the class. Markus talked of nothing else but the ski race all week, was very nervous, didn't want to do it, but was also convinced he was the second fastest in his class. It took a lot of courage from him to get the start line and do it. He also did a lovely run and came fourth out of a very big class.

More discussions followed as to why he was 4th, but Patrick who is younger, was 2nd! All part of the great mystery of life. Alan and I were very proud of both of them and we had a had a lovely final evening on Friday before driving home on Saturday!

Tags: family, holiday, skiing, winter

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