Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2016 Year in Pictures

2016 has been a year of change – Patrick left nursery and started Kindergarten, Markus left Kindergarten and started school, Alan started a new job as Head of IT at Educa and I clocked 10 years at Credit Suisse and increased to 90%. At work we won silver for best Learning Technology Team (at the Learning Technology awards), which was a great honour. In the summer we had a fab 2 weeks touring Ireland, and then in the autumn holidays a week in the UK (Peak District & London). As is our advent tradition, we took the steam train into the forest to find Santa and we all ran the Silvesterlauf though the old town. All my 2016 pictures

1st row, left to right
Jan: Sal comes to stay
Mar: Ski holiday in Liechtensteine
Apr. Chris & Drew come to stay
May: Mags comes to stay

2nd row, left to right
May: Circus trip
June: 10 years CS!
June: Parents come to stay
July: Sheffield Reunion

3rd row, left to right
Aug: Holiday in Ireland
Aug: First Day Kindergarten
Aug: First Day School
Oct: UK Holiday

4th row, left to right
Oct: Family Photoshoot
Nov: Learning Technology Awards
Dec: Silvesterlauf
Dec: Christmas Elves
Tags: family, friends, memories, zürich

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