Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

List of Books Read in 2016

Books read 2016: 51 books

One Plus One: Jojo Moyes
Making it up as I go along: Marian Keyes
Saving Grace: Jane Green
On the Move, a Life: Oliver Sacks
The Dress: Sophie Nicholls
The Last Englishman: Keith Foskett
Prisoners of Geography: Tim Marshall
The Death of Ivan Ilyich: Leo Tolstoy
Mein Leben mit Mozart: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
That's not how you wash a squirrel: Greg Nudelman
Maeve Binchy the Biography: Piers Dudgeon
The $1 Prototype: Greg Nudelman
Thinking Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman
Switching to the Mac, the missing manual: David Pogue
The Gun Seller: Hugh Laurie
The Sketchnote Handbook: Mike Rohde
Man at the Helm: Nina Stibbe
Managing Your Boss: John J. Gabarro & John P. Kotter
Woman walks into a Bar: Rowan Coleman
Living with a Wild God: Barbara Ehrenreich
Mrs D is going without: Lotta Dann
Four Hour Work Week: Timothy Ferriss
Very British Problems: Rob Temple
This Naked Mind: Annie Grace
Kick the Drink Easily: Jason Vale
The Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfont
The Secrets We Keep: Jonathan Harvey
Your Pace or Mine?: Lisa Jackson
Just a Little Run Around the World: Rosie Swale Pope
A Classical Education: Caroline Taggart
Beware of Pity: Stefan Zweig
Rosie: Alan Titchmarsh
Life and Other Near Death Experiences: Camille Pagan
Staring at the Sun: Irvin D. Yalom*****</a>
Triggers: Marshall Goldsmith
The One Moment Master: Martin Boroson
The Way We're Working isn't Working: Tony Schwartz*****</a>
The Other Son: Nick Alexander
The Lonely Polygamist: Brady Udall
The Girl Who Just Appeared: Jonathan Harvey
The Quaker Cafe: Brenda Bevan Remmes
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit: Judith Kerr
The Book of Tomorrow: Cecila Aherne
The Danish Girl: David Ebershoff*****
The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden: Jonas Jonasson
Home: Matt Dunn
Breaking the Silence: Diane Chamberlain*****
Lean in 15: Joe Wicks
What Might Have Been: Matt Dunn
The Lady in the Van: Alan Bennett
A Place called Here: Cecilia Aherne
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