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Livejournal review of 2016

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2016. Here's what my livejournal world looked like in 2016. Need to blog more in 2017!

Jan:All my good intentions and relaxed vibes have been beaten into submission by my first week back at work and now I am coming down with a cold :-(

Feb:I am giving up booze, but taking up two things :-)

Mar:We had such a lovely Easter weekend, lots of time as a family to tick lots of things off Markus' to do list - see below!

Apr:Last time Uncle Chris and Drew came to stay was way back when in December 2013

May:Today was a day off work with the boys - we spent all day at home playing dinosaurs, chilling, reading books, watching stuff on youtube

Jun:10 years ago today....I came back after my first day at work for a big bank in Zurich.... I was terrified but survived

Jul:Transitions are tough. For me at least - we are suddenly into the last month of Kinderkrippe (nursery) for Patrick and of Kindergarten for Markus.

Aug:Big day for Patrick as he starts at Kindergarten Auf dem Stern, a private kindergarten in Enge, near my work!

Sept:A lot has been changing the last few months - finishing kindergarten after 2 years at Enge, saying goodbye to his friends, going on holiday, turning 7, having a Birthday Party and starting school.

Oct:I knew that we were doing our kids a favour by bringing them up bilingual in Switzerland, even if their english sounds a bit swiss and their word order is positively germanic!

Nov:Another great day at TEDxZurich!

Dec:Our Family Advent ritual is to take the steam train into the forest to meet Samichlaus, the first Saturday in December.