Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family Photo Shoot - October 2016 (aka "Larking around in the leaves"!)

After my previous wibble about having our family photoshoot, I am happy to say we had a lovely time with the wonderful Claire Pearson!. We went to Rieterpark next to Museum Rietberg and larked around in the leaves. Markus posed like a good one, Patrick had a bit of a strop, then we all went to the cafe for a hot chocolate :-)

How to choose my favourites?

Well, I love these shots of all of us together (it took a while!)

Markus strutted his stuff and loved it...

Patrick took a while to warm up, then didn't want to play any more...

Brothers in Arms :-)

My other gorgeous boy...

Quirky Shots aka my red cons make an appearance again!

Larking around and pretending like we owned the (stately home) place!

All the photos are here

I now have new userpics...

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Tags: autumn, family, treats, zürich

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