Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Steam Train, Samichlaus & THREE Schmutzlis!

Our Family Advent ritual is to take the steam train into the forest to meet Samichlaus, the first Saturday in December. My boys were just as keen this year to go as in previous years (2015 just us, 2014 with my parents and the Swete Family, 2013 my brother Chris & Drew, plus Zurich friends)

We piled into the train with Konstantin (Patrick's friend from Kinderkrippe) and Mum Bernadette. e were greeted by 3 Schmutzli who led us through the forest walk to Santa Claus and Donkey! Followed by cold barn, singing songs, talking to Samichlaus, then sacks of sweets and nuts before a quick run around in the playground!

This weekend was busy - in the morning, the boys and I went to the Credit Suisse kids party at the cinema in Sihlcity. Lots of games, crafts, snacks and then a film - perfect!
Tags: advent, family, zürich

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