Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A Gecko named Lucky & Networking with Markus!

This week I took a chance and brought Markus to an evening apero to celebrate the publication of "Lucky, ein Gecko auf Reisen" (Lucky the Gecko goes travelling , which was written by my friend's husband). I had sold the event to Markus by telling him that he woudl get to go with Mummy on an adventure to a bookshop, where there would be a reading from a kids book about a Gecko, and he could stay up late. He was sold.

When he found out it wasn't to be held in a bookshop, he was a bit put out (I think there had been a commercial side to his reckoning ie mummy will buy me some books!). But we sat on the tram and googled 20 amazing facts about Geckos and order was restored. He was particularly taken with the fact that Geckos can lose their tails at will, that the detached tail gets wriggling, which distracts the attacker, so the gecko can get away. The gecko often returns to his tail and eats it (excess nutrients stored their as backup!)

But I digress. I was so impressed by my mini Networker. He shook hands with many adults, introduced himself, talked to people in english or swiss german depending. And i looked at him and realized he is growing up fast. He was thrilled to get Coca cola to drink (a BIG treat!) and we read the book together before the actual reading. We bought both the author's books and came home together happy. Markus' last words? "Mummy, that was 10'000 times better than a bookshop! When is the third book about Lucky coming out?"

A bookworm and introverted networker after his Mother's heart!

Tags: books, mgm

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