Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Greifenseelauf 2016 - Run/Walking back to health!

Of all the races I have done over the years, I think I am most proud of this one, and grateful to my friend Anita for gently "pushing" me into it :-) I haven't been running properly for a long while now, i've put on weight and generally speaking, am not feeling too great about myself. But, it's the Greifenseelauf and I knew that if the worst came to the worst, I could just walk it :-)

So, on Saturday, we went to Uster and Anita ran it in 1:07:42 and was happy to get in under 1:10 and I did it in 1:24:16 and was very happy to be under 1:30. I did my 1 min running, 1 min walking and got round. I enjoyed the countryside, the atmosphere and the crowds who towards the end, cheer us on by name. I love the swiss :-) And I am amazed by how fit everyone is - i was overtaken by a lot of speed walkers, nordic walkers and participants who probably had a good 20 - 30 years on me!! We were both tired but happy and really enjoyed the superb organization. Oh, and I quite liked my finisher clip!

I was thinking about it on the way back. I have run 10ks faster, but if I had waited now to get back up to fitness, I wouldn't have taken part. In the last couple of weeks, I did 10km "runs" in 1:44:57, then 1:31:54, then 1:30:11 then 1:24:16. And now I have a base to work from and a new challenge of the Silvesterlauf 10k in December. I want to be able to run longer without walking breaks. I want to get fitter, lost some weight. Feel better. Silvesterlauf, here I come!

Greifenseelauf 2016 with Anita, 1:24:16

Greifenseelauf 2012 with Sal, 1:14:30

Greifenseelauf 2006 with Corinne, 1:03:06

Tags: friends, running, zürich

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