Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

End of the longest week and a lovely weekend

I was never so happy to get to Friday evening last! It's been a big week for us. Markus started first class on Monday - he has to navigate between two different sites, understand the timetable, join a mixed age class, and all this without knowing anyone :-( He has moved to the local state school a kilometre away, after 2 years at a private Kindergarten near my work.

He needs his time and space, does our Markus. He has cried a few nights, about having no friends. And on Wednesday, due to a mix up, he wasn't accompanied from breakfast club to school, so since he didn't know where to go, he walked himself home... a kilometre walk alone, across busy streets. He and I had only does this walk twice before and we hadn't practised him walking it alone, yet. Not a good day, luckily he was found safe and sound and we then went back to school!

But, he has done so well to overcome all this. He went swimming with the class on Friday and loved it. He and I are getting used to the routine of checking for homework and unpacking his school bag when he gets in. He drew a fab picture of "My Family."

Last week was my first week back at work, after 4 weeks off. 868 emails greeted me. It was a hard start, especially since I have been working from home and picking Markus up early. Hence our relief when we got to Friday :-)

This weekend has been a lovely mix of the boys playing with lego, taking over our bedroom with their toys. Markus went to a birthday party and I spent some one on one time with Patrick. We baked. We cleared up their bedroom and made new signs for their door. We enjoyed the scorching late summer sun and today went to friends up the hill for a water fight and panini sticker swaps. I bought us flowers - just because!

"Life is good. Enjoy the little things. You may look back one day and realize they were the big things"

Tags: family, mgm, summer, zürich

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