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Patrick leaves Kinderkrippe (July 26th) - 4.5 years in pictures

Patrick joined Markus' Kinderkrippe (Kids&Co Hohlstrasse) at 7 months and the photos below are from about 10 months and then probably 15 months. Cheeky chappy.
He loved Kinderkrippe from the start and it helped that Markus was there - over time he found his own friends - especially after Markus left 2 years ago.

We have been so blessed by the Kinderkrippe, by Anita Fuchs and her team. She has become a friend and our family have been brought up by the staff there - with love, humour, care and support. Thanks to the Kinderkrippe i have been able to work 80% and keep my career moving forwards. I have always had 110% trust in them. And both our boys loved it there. It's true to say they were ready to leave, but that's more to do with the fact that they are both the eldest in their years - and therefore more than ready for the next challenge. We have been part of their community since 2010. I will miss them.

One of my recent struggles in letting go has been donating and giving rid of our much loved children's books. So I gave my absolute favourites to the kinderkippe. Patrick and I also made dinosaur cupcakes for his final day!

The Kinderkrippe has a private garden at the back - with sandpit, room to play, lawn and trees. A real positive.
Both my monkey boys loved the swing in the back garden - photographed at same age - just turning 5 at the end of their time at Kinderkrippe.

A few photos of Patrick's final day - below saying goodbye and getting hugs from Anita and Marietta. Also playing with best mate K.
As i came to pick up Patrick on his final day, Anita the manager stayed late especially to say goodbye to me, to us. I say her, realized this and burst into tears :-)
It's hard to say goodbye to a place that you've gone to almost daily for 6 years. We won't miss the number 8 tram journey though!

I will miss walking my boys home - this wall is a great attraction - they have navigatged this obstacle course for years!
July 2016 - July 2014 - Patrick always following!

A few shots of my tunt Boy... Never one to pass over the opportunity to climb a tyre and jump off it

Final photos - Patrick sad at leaving Kinderkrippe - not! See that twinkle in his eye and the dimple? So ready to be challenged by Kindergarten. Looking forward to seeing how he socializes and settles down over the next 2 years :-)
My thoughts 2 years ago as Markus left Kinderkrippe - here and here - very similar :-)

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