Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

What I did on my holidays, aka, why I am now feeling bit wiped out :-)

I had a lovely month off work! It has been busy though :-) I think going back to work will be gentle and quiet in comparison!

We have had last days at Kindergarten for Markus, last day at Kinderkrippe for Patrick
First day at Kindergarten for Patrick
First day at school for Markus
Birthday Party for Patrick
Birthday Party for Markus
painted 2 tshirts, made 2 birthday cakes
Had 10 days family holiday in Ireland
I went to Brussels for 3 days
Also went to the spa for a 2 night stay
Read 5 books, read many more glossy magazines than was good for me

The boys got haircuts, I got some beauty treatments
I cleaned the flat many times and did more washing loads than I care to remember
I wrote 8 blogs posts (at least)
I sorted out the last 3 months of photos
Got the duvets, pillows and bed covers cleaned
Got a cleaner in, so we came home to a lovely clean flat

FInally set up my new laptop and migrated over nearly 20 years of data
Did a lot of driving in rental cars
Made a lot of phone calls about many different admin-y t hings
Did a lot of thinking and writing about the new phase in our lives and how I should finally eat better, get fit and lose weight!
Cancelled on mobile contract and changed providers
Checked emails, cleared my inbox many times
Set up play dates
Baked birthday cakes, made dinosaur cup cakes,

Was a lady who lunched with friends on at least 4 occasions, plus even met my hubbie for lunch in Berne
Found a yoga class and went
Claimed on my rental car insurance and got my money back!
Recycled many books
Cleared the boys room
Paid many bills
Got my iphone and my ipad repaired
lost my wallet, cancelled my cards, then found my wallet
Alan lost his phone, we cancelled it, then found it
Lost my phone, but found it before cancelling!

Ordered treats from Amazon and from iTunes
Bought clothes and things for Patrick to start Kindergarten
Bought clothes and things for Markus to start school
Changed the printer cartridges
Scanned many drawings of the boys

Tags: done, holiday, memories, summer

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