Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Thoughts from the Spa

I am lucky enough to be spending 2 days at my favourite spa and am trying to figure out what I need to change once I "go back to school" ie work, next week. Our routines will change - Patrick now at Kindergarten near my work, Markus at school which is a 1km walk from our house, Alan at his office in Bern. Markus will need to be accompanied to school for the first while, but he will need to get there by himself before too long. I am excited and anxious about all these changes.

For me, I need to find ways to keep my stress under control, how to eat healthier, find regular time to exercise, fine time to read and write (keeps me sane) and also how to get enough rest. Am hoping that my time here will allow me to figure out some concrete ideas on how to achieve this :-) Given that I work 80% and my boys will be in full time care, I should have a day spread across the week to myself. Hoping to use this time for exercise, reflection and getting ahead on the family meals for the week.

I went to my first yoga lesson on Tuesday in YEARS - it was great - my body remember what to do. Plus I have found a closer yoga studio that does Bikram yoga, so might give that a go as well

I am also trying to plan the tools and places that support me in this. Where do I go to de-stress? Walking the Uetliberg is one, coming here is another and with views as below, it's a great place to get some distance.

I also want more time to read - both for pleasure and work. I would still love to figure out my next study plan - but in the near time, I want to learn more about eLearning, design, technology. Last night I watcher the film "Helvetica" which is a feature film documentary about the fonttype Helvetica, but taught me a lot about graphic design and content discussions. Really interesting - highly recommended!

I will be catching up on blogs today and tomorrow - so watch out for a flurry of posts as I catch up on the summer. The good news is that my new laptop is finally up and running, with all my data on it. It is so quiet - love it! Now I'm off for my massage - hard life!

Tags: films, happy, health, holiday, yoga

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