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Markus is 7!

Markus our darling boy, you've reached 7 - how did that happen? You have grown up so much this last year and you are just about to start school! You are curious, eager to learn, love the planets, space, lego, playmobile and FOOTBALL!

We had a small celebration today - just the four of us. A chilled day of playing playmobile football, building rockets and eating birthday cake :-) And as the photos show, Markus was particularly excited about the table football present from us!


Aug. 15th, 2016 08:37 pm (UTC)
Dear Markus

happy birthday from Cologne! I see that you had a great day. Have fun on your party next Saturday as I will not be able to join (unfortunately). More, have a great start at school!
And, hope to see you soon