Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolution Update - July 2016 / or the 4 Rs...

It has been a fairly stressful couple of months - since about May. Too much work, Alan starting new job in Berne (also in May), uncertainty about which school Markus would be assigned to, Patrick and Markus finishing Kinderkrippe and Kindergarten and starting at new places etc etc.

I am working hard the next 2 weeks to "get my sh*t together before I go back to work and the grind! I need some new food recipes and some new ideas about how to feed family and me quickly and healthily. I also need to figure out for myself, how to build into more exercise each week, as this will help me feel better and de-stress.

My new mantra is the 4 Rs... and I am tracking my success each day :-)
Right choices (food & alcohol)

2016 Resolution = Lose 20kg in 2016
*Lose 20kg in 2016 - still no change, but I am making changes and cutting down massively on the alcohol
*100 Books in 2016 - 43 so far :-)
*100 Blogs in 2016 - 35 so far :-)
*100 Runs in 2016 - 18 so far :-(
*100 Gym visits in 2016 - 3 so far :-(
Tags: health, resolutions

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