Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

And breathe...

It has been a pretty full on couple of weeks - final parent discussion for Patrick, Kindergarten party, new school visit for Markus, new Kindergarten visit for Patrick, ear doctor appt for Markus, Parents info evening at new school, final day at Kindergarten, Patrick's birthday, University reunion at Sheffield, minor card crash, trying to get work sorted so I can go on leave for a month, Patrick's birthday party, final day at Kinderkrippe (today).

My nerves are shot, but the holiday starts now :-)

My team knows me and my family too well - this is what was drawn on our whiteboard on my last day :-)

More blogs to follow in the next weeks as I have time, but here are some photos of my boys leaving one stage and getting ready to start the next new adventure...

Tags: family, memories, self_reflection
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