Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Mummy, I am 5 today!

Patrick, you launched yourself through the front door after Kinderkrippe today and proudly told me you were 5 and a big boy! You leave Kinderkrippe in a few days time and they will miss you! You love to learn, you ask them questions, you get motivated and involved and you love running, jumping and climbing. You get into some fights, but you say "sorry sorry sorry" very quickly. You love dinosaurs, football and gazing at the moon with Daddy. When you are excited, you jump up and down with glee. You and Markus are inseparable, are best mates and best enemies. You bring joy and energy and a little bit of noise and chaos to our lives :-)

Today at our family celebration, Markus made confetti and strewed it over you as you came in, he had also made you a treasure hunt! Your prize at the end were some chocolate ladybirds and a picture of a dinosaur to colour in, courtesy of your big brother!

We opened presents, had bought cake with dinosaur candles and sang Happy Birthday to you! Mummy even bought a cake instead of making it...
You were so quick blowing the candles out that we had to do a re run for the camera :-)

Patrick in pictures, 0 - 4
Tags: birthday, family, memories, pmm

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