Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 6 years 3 months, to 6 years, 10 months (months 75-82)

Our big boy is more than ready for school, but it is hard to believe that the 2 years of Kindergarten have gone so fast.
The last 3-4 months have been a bit challenging as Markus learns to control his emotions and reactions to others - we have had some difficult instances. He has taken a break from swimming as it wasn't fun any more.

On the other hand, he is writing names nicely, can do lots of addition, subtraction and multiplication in his head. With Alan he's learnt loads about dinosaurs adn they are now tacking the solar system. He is fasincated by the football and has learnt all the rules and is swapping panninis with all his Kindergarten friends. He visited his new school last week and although shy at the beginning, did really well with it. Some big girls helped him and he was really proud to complete 2 work sheets!

He is still as creative and draws beautiful pictures, often as an apology.
He has 7 baby teeth gone and the front four adult teeth are through.

I have brilliant conversations with him when we walk to and from kindergarten:
Markus: Mum, Switzerland has lots of banks, lots of robbers want to break in don't they? I bet they have lots of alarms in the banks!

On 5 min walk to chindsgi M & I discussed WW2, nuclear bombs, Swiss neutrality, Swiss army & role of Swiss banks.
mummy i'm not happy or sad I am just in the middle. emotional awareness from eldest boy!
mummy, you are an odd mummy, mummy!

He still has some interesting language constructions:
He did it extra!
over yesterday
over next day
For who are you?
Can I please say something?

Months 82, 81, 80,

Months 79, 78, 77

Months 76, 75
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