Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tales from the Tram (from this last winter!)

My children are city rats. They have been navigating the trams (and buses, trains) and walking the streets of Zürich since they were babes. I spent years expertly getting prams of all sizes in and out of trams of all sizes. Life is easier now they are both mobile!
They are so used to public transport and going "Shanks' Pony", that when we hire a car, the excitement is sky high, but that's another story!

June 2016

Anyway, two stories from this winter about Zurich times, that show the kindness and humour of the Zürchers... (i have had relatively few run ins with grumpy old people on the tram, but there have been some...)

1. The Umbrella
Markus and I jump off the 7 tram at Paradeplatz and race across to get the 9 which is sitting waiting - closely followed by gentleman brandishing my forgotten umbrella! The end :-)

2. The Marroni Incident
It was a really dark, damp, rainy winter evening. I had picked up both boys (takes about 1hr to 1.5hours) and we were slowly making our way back home on the tram (the 7, the 8, the 9). The tram is jam packed with tired commuters and I manage to squeeze the three of us into 2 seats, Patrick on my lap, kicking the seat in front of us. I tell him off and the lady in front of us turns round and genuinely smiles at me.
Patrick then says in very loud voice - WHAT DID THAT MAN SAY TO YOU?
Me: "It wasn't a man darling, it was a lady.
Me: Yes darling, ladies can also have short hair
silence from Patrick
Broken by the nice lady turning around and offering him a marroni (sweet chestnut!) Which of course he took and wolfed down!

Angels walk amongst us, unannounced, even on the Zurich public transport system. I left the tram feeling much better!
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