Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tricky Transitions

Transitions are tough. For me at least. We are suddenly into the last month of Kinderkrippe (nursery) for Patrick and of Kindergarten for Markus.
Babyhood and childhood is full of firsts and these are generally easy to spot and record. Oh look, first steps! First words! First tooth out!
But the lasts slip by unnoticed, until suddenly you look round and realize you can't remember the last time.

This last week has been particularly tricky to navigate. Patrick had his first visit to Kindergarten, Markus had his first visit to school, we had two meetings at the school he is assigned to. We still have an appeal pending for our local school (just round the corner) but still haven't heard. I have needed emotional energy this week, to help the boys prepare, but also to prepare for my inevitable discomfort of transitions and change.

Since being a Mum I have been constantly pushed and challenged. The children change before I am ready :-) It takes me a long while to document and reflect and be ready to leave that stage behind. So this time I am giving myself a few weeks' head start!

Below are some (nearly) lasts and some firsts. Two years ago I was staying goodbye to my solo bike ride to work, this time I am sad that I only have a few more weeks of cycling with Markus to Kindergarten. He has been riding solo the last 18 months, he is so confident now on the 1.5 km cycle. I will miss this. He won't be allowed to cycle to school :-( Another last was the Kindergarten performance a few weeks back - they did a dance performance on the topic of jungle. Markus has made so many friends there and they are all now going to different primary schools. I think we will keep a couple of those friendships, but I think it's tough for him to imagine yet. I have to savour each time I still have to bring him in and pick him up. Talking to the other parents, then rushing off to work. Then I have another 2 years with Patrick there. Even though he is a regular visitor to the kindergarten, his visit was a bit bumpy. Too many other kids and chaos. But he found some tractors so was happy :-)

It will be so strange soon not to be doing the journey across town to get to the nursery and Hardplatz. It will have been 6.5 years in total.  The nursery has really helped us bring both boys up. It will be a tough day on June 26th. Not just for us, but also for the Kinderkrippe Manager, who I have since become friends with. And even Hardplatz is changing - they are digging it up to extend the no 8 line over the Hardbrücke. This won't be finished until Dec 2017!

But some things stay the same - on Friday I picked up Markus then Patrick and we went to our favourite "Roundabout Park" aka Bäckeranlage - which is halfway between Kinderkrippe and home. The kids paddled, got wet, played football, watched the air display and then sat on the horses!

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