Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Voter Virgin....

well, my first time voting by post anyway!

After long and protacted battles with Barnet Council, I finally got myself on their electoral roll as a postal voter and today, an envelope turned up!

1. Making a choice as to whether to stay or go, was easy....
(I am a european, born in 1973 when the UK voted in the first referendum to become part of Europe, I did German A level, swept up by the Mastricht Treaty of 1992, did a "Germanistik" degree, have travelled and studied abroad, am now bringing up my family in the heart of Europe... yes, I know Switzerland isn't EU, but we are surrounded!)

2. Figuring out how to but 2 bits of paper in 2 envelopes the correct way was ridicously hard - check out the complicated instructions below!

Tags: happy

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