Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Ski holiday in 2 parts in Malbun, Liechtenstein

Last year we went to Malbun for our first skiing holiday and had a fantastic time over 4 days.

This year was a a little bit more challenging - we went twice, each time for a 3 day weekend.

The good?
Well, my boss lent me his car both weekends, and it was lovely to drive us there, even if the car did get snowed in and we had to dig it out for an hour! The hotel as ever was lovely, and we spent a lot of time playing with the kids and in the pool and the enjoyed sledging.

The bad?
The weather wasn't at all good, really bad visibility. Patrick refused point blank again, even though I had booked him his own teacher, and again went sledging with Alan.
Markus didn't get on with his teacher and point blank refused to ski down the mountain. I took over lots of his and Patrick's lessons, but by the second weekend, we swapped teachers and Markus did ski down the mountain once, just like he did last year.
Oh, and the hotel has been sold and will be turned into flats, so we can't return next year :-(

The ugly?
I was really frustrated and embarrassed that Markus didn't click with his teacher or want to ski. It took him and me a while to relax and regroup. But I was proud of me and him that we got to a solution eventually. And when we returned the ski kit on the second weekend, he cried in the ski shop because he didn't want to leave!!

What did I learn?
I enjoyed my lessons and improved tremendously. Tackled lots of red slopes and was pronounced *Red Princess" by my teacher at the end - ie able to do most red runs, but still room for improvments. I learnt to fear the free and really tackled those parallel turns and steep bits. And if you get stuck, just get down by snow ploughing under control...

More photos here
Tags: family, skiing, winter

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