Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolution Update - May 2016

This year so far has been rather more down that up. The weight has not consistently shifted, but then to be fair, I have only just started to tackle the food. And I haven't managed much running or gym either. Work stress has been bad and my work/life integration is sadly lacking.

BUT, I have joined a facebook group called "club soda" and am working on dramatically moderating my drinking. At the moment, this means stopping altogether. I have done 44 days AF out of 49. My weight hasn't shifted much, but I am sleeping better, feeling calmer and my skin redness is decreasing. Baby steps. I am back on a detox cleanse thing as well.

I have been to the gym about twice this year, but have now set up another appt and a physio appointment. I have also found a wonderful massage therapist, so this is my treat for keeping off the booze. Finally, I am going to the do the Greifensee 10K in September.

2016 Resolution = Lose 20kg in 2016
*Lose 20kg in 2016 - so far, no change, but I feel better
*100 Books in 2016 - 32 so far :-)
*100 Blogs in 2016 - 24 so far :-)
*100 Runs in 2016 - 13 so far
*100 Gym visits in 2016 - 2 so far :-(
Tags: books, health, resolutions

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