Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Celebrating 1 year with team, Birthday, Muttertag, then Running off to join the Circus!

Actually, not quite in that order, but it has been a lovely long weekend of reasons to celebrate!
And tomorrow I get a day without kids, here's the plan :-)

Last Wednesday my team and boss suprised me with a cake (traditional dutch apple tart, thanks Jeroen!), card and present to celebrate both my birthday and also one year in the role. I was exteremely touched... I particularly love the t-shirt - this is now my new phrase....

Then on Saturday, my birthday, my boys spoiled me rotten - flowers, pictures, spa voucher, and of course the traditional singing hamster:-) I think Markus was more excited about my birthday than me...

In the afternoon we went to Circus Knie, which was fab. Traditional circus - real mix of laughter, awe, animals, showmanship. M sat there with his mouth constantly open and amazed! Then a pizza at our normal restaurant.

Today was Mother's day (Muttertag) in Switzerland and I got more presents from the boys. A plant (not sure what it is) in a plant pot. Patrick's picture is hilarious. He is holding a poster saying "I love you Mama" but he is looking very unimpressed and not very loving at all. Markus made me ladybird paperweight, plus a handpainted egg cup. I got a sleep in, then mr. ncot made me Sushi for my supper.
Tags: birthday, family, work, zürich

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