Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Day Off Tomorrow....

To round my celebratory weekend off nicely, I have managed to get P an extra day at Kinderkrippe and therefore bag me a rare day off WITH NO CHILDREN.

I hereby promise to not do any housework :-)
The planned list of fun is as follows...

* 0800 Take M into Kindergarten
* Take train to Adliswil the cable car and walk back along the Uetliberg
* 1245 Destressing soother treatment at my favourite place Labo Spa (thanks to mr.ncot for the birthday present!)
* Go to Apple Store and finally figure out which mac laptop to buy
* Free birthday cup of something at Enge Starbucks
* Catch up on bloggin
* 1800 pick up both kids
Tags: birthday, happy, treats
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