Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Favourite Zürich Walk & Reflections

Today was a day off work with the boys - we spent all day at home playing dinosaurs, chilling, reading books, watching stuff on youtube. But by the time Alan came home I was ready to escape.

I did my favourite walk in Zürich - along the canal (Schanzengraben) to the lake, sat on the wall and pondered things: life, the universe and everything. The answer of course is 42! I sat at my spot and said goodbye to being 42. It's been a good year. Boys have got more independant. Alan found a new job and has just started working in Berne. I learnt a lot in my first year as leader of a team, learnt lots of about online and eLearning and faced countless challenges. On the less positive side, I gave so much energy to job, team and family, that I didn't look after myself as well as I could. No exercise, unhealthy eating, way too much red wine.

So hello 43! I have been off the booze for just over a month now and am deciding on whether I learn to moderate, or basically just give up drinking for good. For now I am enjoying sleeping better and feeling more in control and more calm. I am starting a monthly long cleanse detox and really hope to start shifting some weight. I have so many clothes that I currently can't wear. I don't feel good at my current weight - I feel heavy and old. I want to properly get back into exercise again. I want to spend more time reading and blogging.

But step by step. For today I sat and watched the lake. I have lost count of the times that I have come here over the years. You can hear the sound of the city behind you and you see and feel the calm of the water in front of you. Crystal clear. Bobbing boats. And snow capped mountains that you feel you can touch - but are very hard to capture - but that is probably as it should be :-)

Tags: health, self_reflection, spring, zürich

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