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Juicy, Juicy :-)

In two weeks I have drunk many juices, nibbled on nuts and bananas, felt pretty good and lost 4.3 kg :-) Haven't been too hungry, the juices are so concentrated and full of goodness, feel very full.

My suprise discovery has been sweet potato juiced - when added with blueberries and pears - makes a lovely dessert drink. Beetroots produce a lot of juice, have a lovely colour, but are an acquired, earth taste. This morning's favourite was orange, carrot and red pepper. Tangy and sweet.

Am now drinking courgette, celery, cucumber & apple.

Next purchase will be a blender, so I can make some smoothies as well :-)



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Dec. 8th, 2015 10:11 pm (UTC)
well done
Hi Helen,

it's me, the antiquated vicar. V. well done on the juicing. I plan to do 15 days starting Boxing Day.
Any tips please let me know.
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