Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Samichlaus Train trip to forest

Taking the steam train into the forest to see Samichlaus has become one of our advent rituals! In 2013 we took my brother Chris & Drew and Zurich friends, las year was my parents and Zurich friends, this year, it was just us :-) But as much fun as ever.

We noticed a big difference in Markus this year. I wrote this time last year about realizing that Swiss kids recite a verse or two to Samichlaus before they get their goody bag. Markus learnt a long poem with Kindergarten this year and at the event this afternoon, was one of the first to put up his hand and recite it into the microphone. Pride doesn't begin to explain it :-) He was so confident.... He has really found his self confidence this year.

Boys got their goody bags, had fun in the playground, then fell asleep on the way home!

Tags: advent, christmas, family

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